With a single drop of saliva, a world of information

Todas las células de tu cuerpo poseen toda una librería de información en el ADN. En Genexia poseemos las capacidades técnicas, computacionales y analíticas para descubrir loq que nos quieren contar tus genes.

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Your DNA has a lot to tell you

Using a simple saliva sample it may be possible to know much more about you, from the type of diet or physical exercise that favours you the most to why you love (or not) coffee.

Ancestry and Nutrigenomics

Would you like to know where your ancestors come from? Would you like to know the foods that are good for you or those that you should supplement? If the answer is YES, indeed this module is for you.

Sports genetics and skin health

Not all bodies are the same and for that reason, each one has specific needs. Find out why you like running for miles so much or which products are best for you.

Personality and life habits

Have you found yourself avoiding stepping on the lines on the sidewalk or checking once, twice or three times if the door is properly closed? Would you like to know why you are more into Coffee than Tea? Here are some answers.

All your genetic information is clear as water.

Our purpose is to put your genome in your hands. Through our reports, you can access all the information on your genes and their relationship with your life habits, nutrition, physical condition, and personality, among others.

Soon, you will be able to learn how your intestinal microbiome is made up (types of bacteria and relative amounts), and their relationship with health and disease states. The best thing about the microbiome is that you can modify it ;).